From Bull to Beef: Our Recipe for Ranch Perfection Starts with Herd Bull Selection

At the ranch, the selection of herd bulls is taken very seriously because it has a direct impact on our ranch for generations to come, as well as on our customers. When purchasing herd bulls, we consider many factors, as our customers have different goals in mind. We need bulls that will sire cattle that grow quickly and push down the scales at weaning time, as well as those that sire higher carcass value type cattle, as some customers retain ownership and go all the way to the rail. We also need bulls that are maternally minded and focused on producing replacement females.

To meet these demands, we focus on purchasing well-rounded herd bulls that offer a total package, rather than solely focusing on a single trait. However, there are definitely single traits that will keep us from buying herd bulls. For instance, if there is anything that negatively impacts longevity, that bull is no longer considered. We utilize the best genetics to ensure that our customers can be confident in our program.

Despite the focus on genetics, there are certain things that are never sacrificed for epds or short term trends. Basic structural soundness, as well as the simple things like feet, teat/udder, are the building blocks that we prioritize, and we never compromise on these factors. This attention to detail ensures that our customers receive the genetics they need to be successful, and it allows us to continue our commitment to producing high-quality cattle for generations to come.

  • LW 6128 Domino 901G ET

    Reg# 44270636 :: Horned

    Owned with L Bar W Cattle Company, Montana

  • LW 6128 Domino 1026J ET

    Reg# 44270731 :: Horned

  • LW 7131 Domino 1103J ET

    Reg# 44279337 :: Horned

    Owned with L Bar W Cattle Company, Montana

  • LW 7131 Domino 1115J ET

    Reg# 44279348 :: Horned

  • ECR Candis Copper 1333 ET

    Reg# 44296201:: Horned

    Owned with Cane Creek Cattle Company, South Dakota 

  • ECR WF Gus 058 ET

    Reg# 44192685:: Polled

    Owned with Freking Cattle, Minnesota 

  • ECR 628 Advance 8014 {DLF, HYF, IEF, MSUDF, MDF}

    Reg# 43965003:: Horned                Owned with Baumgarten Cattle Co., ND & Genex Cooperative/Cooperative Inc. Canada

  • ECR 628 IVYS ADVANCE 8923 ET {DLF,HYF,IEF}(AKA Sancho)

    Reg # 43965019 :: Horned

    Owned with Springwater Polled Herefords, Cody Jensen, Jason May and Matt Bigelow

  • ECR Shameless 7586 ET {DLF,HYF,IEF} 

    Reg# 43849494 :: Polled

    Owned with Freking Show Stock, Minnesota, and Ryan Ollerich, South Dakota 

  • NJW 79Z Z311 Endure 173D {DLF,HYF,IEF} ET

    Reg# 43722088 :: Polled

    Owned with Ned & Jan Ward, Wyoming and Upstream Ranch, Nebraska


    Reg# 43720817 :: Horned 

    Owned with Harrell Cattle Co., Illinois

  • NJW 84B 10W Journey 53D {DLF,HYF,IEF}

    Reg # 43721750 :: Polled

    Owned with Ned & Jan Ward, Wyoming and Perez Cattle Company, New Mexico